Why Gold (and Precious Metals) Prices are About to Climb Fast

Why Gold (and Precious Metals) Prices are About to Climb Fast

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Here is why gold and all precious metals prices (platinum, silver, palladium) are about to spike to higher levels.

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Between the global demand trends, with Central Banks (like in China and Russia) buying up gold by the ton, and the softening of the U. S. dollar, we expect bullion to cost significantly more in 2017, and even going into 2018.

Gold is a hedge against global chaos, stock market meltdowns, and other risky situations. Meanwhile, precious metals are also a way to preserve wealth over time. Since 1930, the American dollar has lost nearly 98% of it’s purchasing power.

With so much irresponsible money generation worldwide, hard assets like physical gold will only increase in demand. We use several of the gold and silver mining penny stock picks we have made for subscribers of PeterLeeds.com and Peter Leeds Penny Stocks to explain trading in sympathy, and the divergence in gold prices between various currencies.

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