Top Penny Stock Pick Right Now

Top Penny Stock Pick Right Now

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One of the Best Penny Stock Values Right Now


Platinum Group Metals (PLG) is one of the most undervalued penny stocks right now, with the greatest upside.

Peter personally bought more yesterday (his third purchase), and he feels that the recent ‘mining issues’ resulted in an over reaction among shareholders. PLG has a great resource base, and they are quickly getting over their operational problems.

Precious metals are also under-priced right now, and represent excellent value at current levels, in our opinion. Wed expect Platinum Group Metals to climb to much higher prices from here.

PLG mines for 4E metals – which means gold, platinum, rhodium, and palladium. They have proven claims on hundreds of thousands of ounces of each, and are just starting to get into mining operations (and cash flow).

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