This Penny Stock “Capitulated” and ONLY Has Upside From Here

This Penny Stock “Capitulated” and ONLY Has Upside From Here

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When any type of stock, whether a penny stock or otherwise, capitulates, it almost ensures that there will be no more downside to the shares.

When shareholders are just dumping an investment en masse, it pushes the shares down into highly undervalued territory. That is a form of, “blood on the streets” and when there is blood in the streets, there is money to be made.

When any penny stock or even blue chip shares suffer capitulation, the shareholders don’t even care what amount they could get for the shares. Rather, they just want to sell them, or trade their way out, no matter what.

When many (most) shareholders all; capitulate at once, it sets off a technical decline, which leaves the shares in heavily undervalued levels (thus making for compelling value for new investor dollars).

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