Survive The Current “Drip Torture” Stock Market

Survive The Current “Drip Torture” Stock Market

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The current “drip torture” market is fooling people into thinking the stock markets are increasing, when actually they are entering a period of decline.


The stock market will increase very incrementally every day, only to lose all of those investment gains within a few hours.

We are seeing a drip torture market for all types of stocks now – whether blue chips or the most speculative, volatile penny stocks. Shareholders are being mesmerized by the almost daily small or tiny gains, then playing off the impact of losing ALL of those increases within hours. They may think it was “just a bad day” on the markets, and almost immediately think the markets are fine to recover the next time they see a slight 1/5 of a percentage rebound.

Do not let this current market fool or trick you – all of the NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE are beginning to fall over time, in “chunks.”

You will ever see a similar situation in Tesla, Apple, or British Petroleum. TSLA, AAPL, BP.

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