Remember To Lock In Profits | How to Trade Penny Stocks for Beginners

Remember To Lock In Profits | How to Trade Penny Stocks for Beginners

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Hey Students! I sincerely apologize for not releasing a video lesson yesterday; I just started my college classes and need some time to restructure my schedule to be able to fit both Trading, Teaching, and being a Student at the same time. Please bear with me, I promise I’ll get better!

Today’s video lesson is a recap of my plays I spoke about on Wednesday, the plays I took yesterday, and the plays I took today. I was only able to lock in around 0 on my RMRK play (I say only when it was a 100% gain) which is unfortunate because at the High of day on Wednesday I was up around 00. This is because I broke the PDT rule on my small e-trade account, so now I’m forced to only swing trade on that account for the next 90 days, unless I get it over ,000 (which I plan to do within 90 days) Its not a terrible thing though as it will allow me to refine my swing trading strategies, and it’s a good thing because we usually see the biggest percentage wins over multiple days.

I took a position on OTTV because it had a press release of an advertisement for their VivaLive product at Madison Square Garden, so I got in right when the news dropped at around .0027 with 00 worth of shares, quickly spiked up to $.0033 so I was up around 0 but then it slammed back down and went red of the day. Just goes to show how important it is to lock in those profits and not get greedy, that’s a critical element of this video.

I took positions on BTCS and ECGR at the market close today since both had favorable charts for a nice morning spike and hopefully some continuation into next week. ECGR I plan to be a quick flip, but BTCS if it can hold its gains and Bitcoin start s to run again, I will hold on for a few days and then sell for some nice gains.

If you have ANY questions or requests, please drop them in the comments below! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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