Money Flow is Key to Stock Market Gains

Money Flow is Key to Stock Market Gains

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Discover how money flow reveals profits in the stock market.


As promised in the video, here is a link to our candlestick trading chart tutorial:

By learning about Money Flow, and how it can help you with your penny stock trading decisions, you will benefit from greater clarity with your buying and selling choices. By extension, you will profit more, and lose less.

Money flow is just one technical analysis indicator, which actually works and can be reliable with thinly-traded penny stocks. It reveals a lot about investor psychology, which is part of a complete breakfast, when used with other TA indicators, like trading volume shifts, relative strength index (RSI), support and resistance levels, and others which work when trading penny stocks.

Only get into penny stock trading if and when it makes the most sense for you. Penny stocks are not appropriate for the majority of investors, and they can be risky and volatile.

if you want to make bank from high-quality, ow-priced shares, let Peter Leeds show you how to benefit. Peter Leeds has been on mainstream media the world over, from Manhattan to Moscow. Now you can learn everything that Peter knows, jst by watching a few videos on this channel.

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