Huge Penny Stock Winner (How to Find Them)

Huge Penny Stock Winner (How to Find Them)

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This quick video is going to show you some of the reasons we knew this penny stock was going to increase in price.

I hope this helps you find low-priced shares right before they spike in value, by revealing some of the analysis we use to find our winning penny stock picks.

We profiled our full analysis of LNTH to our subscribers just a few months ago. Shares at the time were trading for .83, so not the smallest penny stock we typically analyze, but still a penny stock.

This company is in the healthcare space, which is one of the sectors we have been looking into ahead of what we expect to be a very tough year for the market.

No matter what happens with the economy, people still buy and use their healthcare solutions. When other investments are declining in value, companies in the healthcare space should hold up fine.

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