How To Trade Penny Stocks | Tips and Strategies

How To Trade Penny Stocks | Tips and Strategies

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Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a fantastic day! I know us traders in the TradeBuddy penny stock trading chat room did! (hint hint, join, its free!) As we were all super prepared for today’s potential in Bitcoin and Bitcoin related penny stocks. My penny stock trading students absolutely killed it on stocks like $BTCS $GAHC with over 40% gains intraday, that’s like making money from home!

$LBIX was another one i called out in the penny stock chat room at .83 for a breakout. It eventually hit a high of .75 intraday! That’s over a dollar / share gain within an hour or so. I truly hope you all take advantage of this sweet chat room that we have for penny stock traders as I will be in there EVERY DAY giving out FREE actionable alerts so you all can learn my thought process and become better penny stock traders who LOVE to make money from home!

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