How To Survive the 2017 Recession

How To Survive the 2017 Recession

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How To Survive the 2017 Recession


The recession has begun. Peter Leeds explains the indicators and signs that we are actually in a recession right now.

Whether you use Velocity of Money as a metric, or the Q Ratio, we are in for a rough ride. In fact, there are certain stocks to avoid, and others to buy.

Avoid consumer discretionary, and luxury brands. Stay away from retail and high end restaurants.

Gravitate towards precious metals like gold and silver, and the miners and ETFs which are in the industry.

The current recession may simply be a warning sign, or a harbinger of a much more serious problem or concern with the overall economy. You need to prepare for what is about to come, it could get very ugly, and will take several years before we recover.

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