How To Make A Penny Stock Company & How To Spot a PUMP & DUMP – Penny Stock Trading explaining

How To Make A Penny Stock Company & How To Spot a PUMP & DUMP – Penny Stock Trading explaining

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Ever wonder how to make a penny stock company or take a company public on the OTC markets? Ever wonder how to spot a pump & dump? I go over both of these questions as they are extremely important for penny stock traders and something all penny stock beginners must know. Further, understanding how penny stocks go public explains the dangers of trading penny stocks and highlights how sketchy penny stock CEOs can take advantage of the relatively easy system and profit off of uneducated penny stock traders. Like I said in this video, I am putting this information out to help you guys out, so hopefully no one uses this information to do something sketchy and take an company and put it on the OTC markets.

Although I go over the factors briefly, they may seem simple but are very crucial when it come to spotting pump and dumps. The next video I will make in regards to penny stocks will go over penny stock promotions and how to spot them and understand when they can go against you. The big key in this video and what I will discuss is understanding how the penny stock promoters are getting compensated. If they are receiving millions of shares instead of cash, which most do, it can be very dangerous for investors as that can serve as toxic debt. But anyways, like I said in my other video explaining why I love penny stocks, although I don’t trade them, I still want all the penny stock traders and beginners to have information that is reliable so please ask me questions or give me companies to look at and I will make videos on the for you!

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