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In this video I talk about how to invest 0. We are going to tackle that question in two ways. The first is ‘how to invest ONLY 0’. The second is ‘how to invest 0/month’. Anyways, here is what I would recommend

The first thing would be to tackle any bad debt you have. I understand that this is not the ‘cool’ thing to do with your money, and some of you may not view it as an investment, but it is. Paying down your debt now will lead to lesser future expenses, and more net income in the future, that sounds like an investment to me!!! 

The second thing I would recommend is to use the 0 to find a way to increase your income. Think about it, investing 0 in stocks will maybe make you – a year…that is nothing. Even in a miracle penny stock situation where the stock goes up to 0 in 6 months, that is still only 0. That is by no means a life changing investment, and is VERY risky. So that is why using that 0 to start a side business, learn new skills, selling stuff, etc. can lead to MASSIVE returns. Using 0 to learn how to sell something, then selling a product for a 00 commission is common in a career path like real estate. That’s a better return than any other investment.

The third thing would be to just save it. Put it in your emergency fund. Half of americans couldn’t cover an unexpected 00 expense. 

If you have 0/month to invest, you may want to put that into a 401k, stock account, Roth Ira, etc. Pick one with low fees, and eventually you will see your account grow over decades. The main advantage for this is that your employer usually matches the 0 contribution, you don’t have to invest on your own, and you dont have an extra 0/month to blow on clothes and needless expenses. 

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