How I Made SIX FIGURES Trading Penny Stocks

How I Made SIX FIGURES Trading Penny Stocks

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Find out the penny stock I just purchased in 2017! This happened around the beginning of 2014 when the cannabis penny stocks were getting a lot of traction. Although I don’t recommend trading penny stocks for beginners, I thought I would share this video to explain the very rare instances in which I would trade penny stocks. Further, if you are new to trading or starting to learn how to trade penny stocks, I want this video to serve as me offering my help an support. If you have seen any of my videos, you know I am not a fan of penny stocks or Tim Sykes, however I don’t want that to detract some of you guys from learning. I know that its difficult to make money trading penny stocks, because I have traded them before, fortunately for me I was one of the people who came out with money. That is not the case for most people. However, the good news is that you can definitely learn a thing or two from penny stocks that applies to trading stocks on the bigger S&P and NASDAQ markets! Once you become versed in what makes a good investment or bad investment, even what makes a good or bad daytrade, you will have a better chance making money trading stocks. Having over 10 years of experience as a trader, if you are looking for the best leverage for small accounts that offer the same profits as penny stocks, options trading is the way to go in my opinion, however it is just as risky an a lot more complex. That being said, if you guys have any questions on penny stocks or want a trading penny stocks tutorial or another options tutorial, comment below an I will reply!

I also explain the penny stock that I purchased this year in 2017, however I do not recommend you buying it as it is very risky and is a pharmaceutical company, which can easily fail. I explain the logic as to why it attracted me, but it still is a pretty bad company that got delisted and became a penny stock for a reason. It is not my top pick or penny stock alert, as I don’t do that; it is simply a stock that came up when I was doing my research. I own shares, was not paid to make this video about it an I plan to sell out partial if it gets FDA approval! What I want you guys to take out if it is the justification an how I found a penny stock play that wasn’t riddled with the same corruption, manipulation an toxic debt as most of these companies that have been around for years. Even further, hopefully you guys can understand the concept behind why I even traded penny stocks back in 14’. It was because the industry. If there is a bubble, I will spot it and play it that is my specialty!

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