Episode 203 Penny Stocks Live!

Episode 203 Penny Stocks Live!

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Reviewing the hottest penny stocks in today’s Nasdaq, Dow and OTC exchange. Penny Stock Training: http://MillionaireTradingAcademy.com

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The terms “penny stocks” and “micro-cap stocks” can be used interchangeably. Technically, micro-cap stocks are classified as such based on their market capitalizations, while penny stocks are looked at in terms of their price. Definitions vary, but in general, a stock with a market capitalization between and 0 million is a micro cap. (Less than million is a nano-cap.) According to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), any stock under is a penny stock. Again, definitions can vary; some set the cut-off point at , while others consider only those stocks trading at less than to be a penny stock. We consider any stock that is trading on the pink sheets or over-the-counter bulletin board (OTCBB) to be a penny stock.

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