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Best Penny Stocks Forum

So you are probably new to penny stocks and you are interested to find a community where you can chat, exchange ideas, ask questions and find penny stock traders or stock promoters.

In this video, I talk about my favorite subreddit called Penny Syocks, as well Stocktwits and Facebook groups.

A lot of people start with stock boards and stock forums but be aware that these places are not good to get buy or sell advises so start learning and do your own due diligence on stocks.

But hey if you are interested in penny stocks you must see how stock promoters, stock bashers, stubborn bulls and other interesting characters make these places buzzing and the ticker symbols they are crazy about popping everywhere.

As well while penny stocks are mostly getting attention from retail traders these boards and forums are a great place to stock in the spotlight. But be aware, be smart and do not follow masses.

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