4 Swing Trades for THIS Week

4 Swing Trades for THIS Week

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Here are four swing trades that may pay off this week.

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At Peter Leeds, we have recently launched ‘swing trade alerts’ to go with our industry-leading penny stock picks.

We will be discussing some short term trading opportunities. Most of these swing trades are expected to return 10% to 20% gains in short time frames.

As some of these will decline, it is very important (in our opinion) to cut losses early, and contain the downside to very small amounts, such as 5% or less. For the penny stock swing trades, whether they perform well or fall, most should typically be sold within a week or less.

We will mention the trades which our research team uncovered during their review, but you will have to make your own decisions (as always). If we (or Peter personally) buys or sells any of these, we will mention that.

However, there will be plenty of penny stocks on these lists which we are watching to potentially trade, but may not decide to “pull the trigger” on all, or any, of them for any number of reasons specific to the individual stock, market events, or any situation that becomes relevant at the time.

Here are some of the short term trades we are watching for next week. These all work best ONLY if you stay active and on top of stop loss limits. Unless otherwise expressly mentioned, these are typically not meant as suggestions for mid or long term trades.

As well, we typically have not put these stocks through Leeds Analysis, and as such make no claim as to the quality or prospects of the companies themselves. Do not get greedy, take 15% or 20% gains when they present themselves, and then move on to the next opportunity.

This is all opinion, not trading advice.

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