4 Current Penny Stock Trades!

4 Current Penny Stock Trades!

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These penny stock trades are live and active right now.

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While one or two of these may not be actual penny stock picks, all of these shares can be bought and sold for significant percentage returns. Whether Yangaroo, ADOM, HLIT, or TITN, these stocks have all popped higher in the last few days.

Do these shares have much more room to run? We think so, but make sure to watch our comments in the video. None of this is personalized trading advice, it is and always wil be simply our own opinions.

The video describes one of the long term “grand slam” penny stock picks to own, plus three of our recent swing trades which we provide to subscribers of the Peter Leeds newsletter subscription, where we focus on helping you make money from penny stocks.

Also, some other videos about Yangaroo, this disruptive technology penny stock, can be viewed at these links:

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