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Here are the three stocks I recommend watching in February 2017. Today’s video is about the 3 stocks I am watching in February 2017. These 3 stocks I hope to perform great in February 2017 and beyond. The stock market in 2017 may go up may go down or may do nothing at all, but I hope these 3 stocks I’m watching now do great in 2017! These three stocks are penny stocks, and when investing in penny stocks you need to understand the risk involved. So far, these 3 stocks have performed better than any other penny stocks in 2017. Without having a crystal ball, it is impossible to tell if these 3 stocks will continue to grow but based on their performance in January I think they should be on the watch list of any penny stock investor.

1. Pulmatrix Inc (PULM)

This is the best performing penny stock of 2017 so far. This is a company that develops treatments for rare pulmonary diseases. This stock has almost quadrupled in January 2017 going from {videoDescription}.60 a share on January 3rd to .22 a share on January 26th. It is worthwhile to mention that overall the stock is down compared to last years high of .85 on January 8th 2016. The 52 week trend for this stock is down 40.06%.

2. MYOS RENS Technology Inc (MYOS)

This penny stock has also been a hot performer in 2017. This is a nutrition company based out of New Jersey that makes nutritional supplements that help those with muscular diseases. The stock had some serious excitement on January 11th when it soared from .30 a share to .82! Since then, it has come to rest around a share in the end of January. Overall for the year, this penny stock has shown some growth. It traded for .14 a share on January 3rd and has rose to .28 a share as of January 26th. Historically, this stock has not traded above a share since October of 2015. The 52 week trend for this stock is up 82.32%.

3. Transgenomic Inc (TBIO)

The third and final penny stock to watch for February 2017 is this cancer related biotech company. This company is researching the diagnosis of cancer though blood samples of patients. A licensing agreement with Lifelabs sent this stock soaring earlier this year. On January 12th, Transgenomic Inc secured a licensing deal with the Canadian healthcare provider Lifelabs and the stock went +286% on this news. Shares of the stock traded at {videoDescription}.29 a share on January 3rd 2017 and are now trading at {videoDescription}.80 a share as of January 26th. The 52 week trend for this stock is up 15.94%.

Personally, I do not invest in penny stocks. If you are a penny stock investor, I am sure you understand the risk involved with this type of investment. If I was considering investing in penny stocks in February 2017, these would be the 3 stocks on my watch list.

Key Risks with Penny Stocks:

The company can go bankrupt, you could lose your entire investment. While this is possible with any investment, it is far less common among well established listed stocks on the NYSE or NASDAQ exchange.

Penny stocks may have low liquidity, as such it can be difficult to sell them. They do not usually trade at as high of a volume as a listed stock.

Penny stocks tend to be a speculative investment largely based on luck.

There are a lot of scammers out there using the pump and dump scheme. Look it up.

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