3 Stocks To Buy In May 2017

3 Stocks To Buy In May 2017

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After analyzing dozens of reports and spending way too much time going through the financials of multiple companies, I have finally decided on my top 3 stock picks for May 2017. It was certainly a difficult decision but these stocks have some great potential, especially in the long run! In this video we talk about 3 different stocks that that I would buy in May of 2017. I have been investing money into various markets since 2009. Over those 8 years of investing I‘ve had lots of ups and downs, I’ve read hundreds of books and taken dozens of courses with the sole focus of growing my investment portfolio. So if you’re new here, consider subscribing .

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The first stock that I would highly consider buying in May of 2017 is Sherwin Williams, a very well known paint and coating manufacturing company. Now there are A LOT of reasons why sherwin williams is a great stock to buy in May. First of all we need to understand that there is a broad based strong performance among the entire housing industry, so that means home builders, mattress companies, and paint companies are currently thriving even with the increased risk of higher interest rates. Just looking at some of the statistics, there are millions of millennials living with with their parents right now, looking for homes, looking to move out of their parents house, but there’s much more demand than supply in this case, especially when it comes to single family homes, which many analysts agree will add to the increasing number of new homes being built. Sherwin Williams is the third largest paint company in the world and they are no doubt thriving from this current economy. Just consider the company’s sales which climbed more than 7% to .76 billion. About 2% faster than expected. That’s not even the best part though, new income rose more than 45% in the last quarter to 9.2 million which in turn boosted them at a 25% higher earnings per share than expected. The company just opened up 10 new stores this quarter and raised its dividend for the 39th straight year to {videoDescription}.85 per share, which is a little more than a 1% annual dividend rate. Oh by the way, I’m getting most of these statistics from Etrade’s research platform, so if you go onto yahoo finance or marketwatch… some of these numbers may vary slightly, it all depends how they calculate it, I’m just letting you know that incase you decide to research these companies and find that some of these numbers are slightly off. So let’s now take a deeper dive in at the numbers for Sherwin Williams. Currently the company’s stock price is at 7.73, so I would just like to say I’m sorry if any of my viewers can’t afford this stock, my next 2 stock picks should be a little bit more affordable. The average price target for Sherwin Williams is at 9 with a high target of 0 and a low of 0, so as you can see there’s much more momentum going up as there is down. Capital solutions

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