21 Tips for Trading Penny Stocks

21 Tips for Trading Penny Stocks

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21 Tips for Trading Penny Stocks.

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Shareholder Turnover

Shareholder turnover is of utmost importance when trading penny stocks.

Never Trust Insider Transactions

There is a lot going on with the timing and reasons for insider trading, and more often than not insiders are buying and selling at the absolute wrong times.

The trading volume is going to tell you a lot more than the share price activity of the penny stock.

Only use limit orders when trading penny stocks, as opposed to market orders.

BUY WHAT YOU KNOW: Invest in penny stocks which you understand. Call the investor relations contact at the company, ask questions. Invest your time, before you invest your money.

Penny stock picks you get for free always have hidden motivations. This even includes those you hear about through the rumor mill, or from a coworker you trust.

Only trust penny stock picks which come with a 100% Unbiased Guarantee.

The most effective way we’ve found to trade penny stocks, is to find the high-quality companies first by using extensive fundamental analysis. Only then, do we apply technical analysis, to find the best trading prices for those penny stocks.

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