What is Options Trading: How to Trade Options [EASY TO UNDERSTAND]

What is Options Trading: How to Trade Options [EASY TO UNDERSTAND]

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http://optionbeginner.com – When you trade an options contract, you are basically purchasing the right to buy OR sell a stock at a predetermined price at a later date. In this video we will discuss the basics of options trading and show you how you can use options to make money in the markets.


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For many people, stock trading is a fairly simple concept to grasp. You buy a stock at a certain price, the price goes up and everyone makes money and is happy. Options on the other hand are a bit more complicated. One of the most popular questions that we get from new traders is how to trade options. What are options and how do they work? Buy options is simple once you understand the basics. You are basically purchasing the right (not the obligation) to controlling the transaction of a particular asset. In this video, we will share our options trading 101 course that we show all of our new students on their first day (options trading for dummies, if you will;) By the end of this video, we will have options trading explained in a way that literally anyone can grasp. For more options strategies and options trading tips, be sure to subscribe and stay tuned in for more amazingly simple to understand videos.

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