Trading 101: Strategy Over Logic | Truth or Skepticism

Trading 101: Strategy Over Logic | Truth or Skepticism

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Investing is one of the few places that the playing field is level for everyone, according to Tom Sosnoff. When no one can predict where the market is headed, it’s up to the retail investor to take advantage of this and learn the domain rather than be a passive investor. But with two-sided price action, is it worth the risk? Dylan and Tom argue for and against active investing from a standpoint of returns as well as the skill set it takes to execute properly in this episode of “Truth or Skepticism.” Plus, find out Tom’s outlook on Oil (/CL) and the rest of the commodity market and what strategies to implement in tech stocks in this low volatility environment.

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Special guest Dylan Ratigan challenges tastytrade’s financial market expert Tom Sosnoff on a number of traditional investing approaches.

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