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See How I Turned 8 into 00 in 2 Days Trading Options

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Watch Option Trading Coach founder and Options Trader Club head trader, Tyler Chianelli, showcase his favorite trading strategy for earnings though this LIVE Trading Room segment (from the Options Trader Club) as well as showcasing the close-out into the morning trading session.

In this video you will learn about the process of executing a winning trade strategy for earnings season — buying a long strangle.

This short-term (and higher risk) trade had a max-loss of 8 and yielded over a 400% return in just 2 days.

*Note: this trade was done in a live account and is shown here for educational purposes only.

The beautiful thing about this example is there are literally dozens of trades like this one out there every since earnings season! When you understand the process and risks of properly trading stocks/options — then you become capable of executing these types of lucrative short-term earnings spec trades. It all starts with education.

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