Options trading lessons – Trading journal – A chat with traders – Penny stocks – Day trading lessons

Options trading lessons – Trading journal – A chat with traders – Penny stocks – Day trading lessons

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This options trading lesson is a video on making rules for yourself. As we discuss a lot of people who day trade and trade options don’t really employ rules for themselves all the time. Since I am the one in front of the camera all the time, I thought I would have the infinitly wise Brendan drop some knowledge. Just a little chat with traders we were having between each other so we thought we would share it! I strongly encourage you all to take this seriously and please please please make a trading journal!

If you are a options trading beginner or expert I suggest you listen to these trading lessons and actually utilize them. A lot of people don’t think a trading journal is neccesary, but I am telling you now, if you want to master the stock market and not get beaten by wall street, discipline is what you will need and this is one of the best ways to build it. I know its hard or may seem tedius, but if you want to actually make money trading and become a successful trader this is what you need. Funny part is, I recomend this for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are trading penny stocks or day trading or trading options, any skill level or market, you need to use a trading journal and give rules for yourself as this is what makes or breaks most traders. If you want to trade for a living and be a successful consistent trader, treat it like a real job and use methods to record yourself. If you take the short route, you will get short results, simple as that.

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