Options trading 101

Options trading 101

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A session by Abid (Founder, Sensibull, http://sensibull.com) covering
1. Basics of options
2. What affects option prices
3. How to trade options

About Abid
Abid traded options all his working life. He managed the second biggest currency options book on NSE, and all of ICICI’s cross-currency derivatives, in a 4 trader team. He started Sensibull in 2013 to help his fellow traders trade better, but that hit regulatory roadblocks back then. After that, he was the COO of a mobile payments startup, and after its acquisition, he worked as the Product Manager for qplum, an algorithmic investment platform. He is also a member of SEBI’s Alternative Investments Policy Advisory committee.

Currently, he is chasing his dream of making retail investors win in the capital markets with Sensibull. He holds a B.Tech in Computer Science for NIT, Calicut, and a PGDM for IIM, Ahmedabad.

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