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An ETF is essentially a mutual fund that trades like an individual stock. As a result, anytime during the trading day an investor can buy or sell an ETF that represents or tracks a given segment of the markets. The vast proliferation of ETFs has been another breakthrough that has greatly expanded the ability of investors to take advantage of many unique opportunities. Investors can now take long and/or short positions – as well as in many cases, leveraged long or short positions – in the following types of securities:

Foreign and Domestic Stock Indexes (large-cap, small-cap, growth, value, sector, etc.)
Currencies (yen, euro, pound, etc.)
Commodities (physical commodities, financial assets, commodity indexes, etc.)
Bonds (treasury, corporate, munis international)
As with index options, some ETFs have attracted a great deal of option trading volume while the majority have attracted very little. Figure 2 displays some of the ETFs that enjoy the most attractive option trading volume on the CBOE as of September 2016.

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