IQ Option – Trading Binary 101💣 If You DON’T Watch IT Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

IQ Option – Trading Binary 101💣 If You DON’T Watch IT Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

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IQ Option (Investment service company)
Headquarters: Limassol
Founded: 2013

An Interview With The CEO of IQ Option Europe Ltd. (

Reporter: Hello, Andreas! Please, accept my congratulations as you and your company have earned a lot of awards and recognition in the forex industry.

✔Andreas Matsas: Hi. To me personally and for all our company this means that we are on target.

IQ Option is a broker with whom you can earn up to 92% of the invested means without any difficulties. How does a person reach such high payouts?

✔Andreas Matsas: The benefits from the broker usually depends on trading volume; usually approximately 10 – 15%; the minimum charge from trading volume, is 3 – 5 %.

What has helped the company gain a reputation as one of the most reliable binary options broker? What is behind the success of the company?

✔Andreas Matsas: The company is provided with Thomson Reuters quotes. What is more, it ensures the credibility of the broker concerning quotes’ correctness of assets and currencies. I should mention that the quotes can be used not only at expires but also during the transaction time.
The company is certified with PCI DSS Level 4 and uses payment aggregators with payments PCI DSS Level 1 certifications (Ecommpay, Safecharge). This certification verifies data encoding, security of data storage on servers, existence of backup and absence of vulnerability. All this grants the customers absolute security of financial transactions and protection against payment details leakage.


IQ Option is also a broker that pays a great attention to security and protection of their investments. How do you protect your clients and their means?

✔Andreas Matsas: IQ Option is regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). It means that:

• A company has equity capital which is not less than EUR 200,000;
• There is a mandatory insurance for customers’ investments – the European insurance fund of investors;
• A company has audits every month in order to check brokerage activities for compliance with all EU requirements;
• A company annually undergoes an external balance audit in order to check if there is sufficient capital for traders’ transactions;
• A broker uses segregated (separate) accounts for keeping traders` money and doesn’t have a right to use them for any other purposes but for customers` operations.

All this provides better security of customers` funds at broker’s deposits.

Do you have trading process on the platform during weekends and on other platforms?

✔Andreas Matsas: On weekends, the company IQ Option provides traders a unique opportunity to carry out transactions on OTC instruments (over the counter).

OTC transaction is made directly between two parties, without going public. That is why these transactions do not appear in any way on the other platforms.


You have many services. Does your company give awards to its clients?

✔Andreas Matsas: Yes, sure. We try to be attractive to our clients, and to attract new ones. We try to give awards every 3 months for our customers. For example, not long ago, we had one for traders and the best one can get the new iPhone 6. Now, we also have a new award where the client must deposit 0 and can win a new MacBook Pro.

Which assets are more popular among traders and why?

✔Andreas Matsas: We have a wide range of assets. There are popular currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBR/USD etc.) and cross currency pairs; commodities (gold, silver), also, the major share indexes (Dow Jones, Nikkei, Nasdaq), shares of leading international companies. For persons trading during weekends we provide an access to over-the-counter assets (OTC). What is more, our company provides 89 assets and the only plan is moving forward.

You offer a huge range of different binary options. Does your client need to send you any docs for getting his benefits?

✔Andreas Matsas: Yes, for sure. A client could be asked to send the scans of some docs dealing with the holding operation. All the information can be sent via email.


Tell us about the terms and conditions of binary options you represent to your clients.

✔ Andreas Matsas: Our trading conditions can meet any demands. Everyone can choose and judge for himself. Expiry period of options varies from 30 seconds up to one week: there are opportunities for scalpers, day-traders and mid-traders. The benefit is up to 92% (depending on the asset and market situation), it means that the risk/payoff ratio (for which binary options are criticized) is in favor of a trader. It should be mentioned that you get the refund of up to 60%. So, you will not lose, only win.

You can start trading just with 10 dollars. Does such unusually low barrier for entry into a market make sense for IQ Option business?


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