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Day Trading for Beginners – Free Class

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Day Trading Strategies for Beginners. Day trading is the act of buying and selling a stock within the same day. Day traders seek to make profits by leveraging large amounts of capital to take advantage of small price movements in highly liquid stocks or indexes.


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// Chart Patterns

Chart patterns in trading are very important. As day traders and swing traders we use chart patterns to determine support and resistance. The price chart is the number one tool we need to make money. Not news, not our opinion but the price chart. We focus on 3 simple chart patterns, one of them is double bottoms.

// Trading Strategies

There are hundreds of trading strategies available. We focus on institutional stocks and ETF’s to make our money. Penny stocks tend to lack liquidity and make it hard to get good exits and entries. The important thing is to learn price charts and to trade the right products for your size account. Day trading penny stocks with a ,000 account will be difficult where trading options with that may be easier* A trading strategy requires simple tweaking but most of it starts with what size account you are trading.

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