Strategy Stochastic iq option – binary options strategy 2017 using the stochastic oscillator

Strategy Stochastic iq option – binary options strategy 2017 using the stochastic oscillator

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Hi to everyone! Today I would like to tell you about the stochastic indicator. Let’s select it from the indicators available to us. We shall not change anything in the settings, except for the line width for ease of operation, and set a candlestick chart. Stochastic is a very popular and effective indicator that works great on all currency pairs, it clearly shows the beginning of a new trends in the market, allowing you to make lucrative deals with binary options

The essence of the indicator is simple: it shows when the market is overbought or oversold, and as you can see it consists of two moving lines; red line is the signal one, and the blue one confirms the signal.
As you can see they are moving in the range from 0 to 100. It is important to pay attention to the moments when the lines are above eighteen or below twenty.

If the red line is above the eighty then the price will start falling very soon. It is the best time to open the bear deal, and vice versa if the red line is below twenty you must open the bull deal, and remember that in this case the blue line should confirm the signal

Here we see how the lines appeared to be under the twenty, and are reversing. This is a great signal for us to make a long bet, so we bet , and we see our bet has triggered and we won .
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Meanwhile, our lines are above the mark of eighty, and this is a good signal for the short bet, and I bet . Our bet has triggered and I get another . We see that the strategy works. I hope the video has been useful for you. Good luck to everyone.

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