IQ Option Binary Broker Review : Why I Hate IQ Option

IQ Option Binary Broker Review : Why I Hate IQ Option

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Many traders have been asking for my view on #iqoption and why don’t I offer it on #thebinarylab. While it may seem as though IQ Option has many good things working for them, there is ONE key aspect that is a major deal-breaker for this binary option broker, and here’s why, as explained in this video. I also share one very disturbing thing I have heard from a businessman whom I’ve spoken too who also runs a broker using the countdown system IQ option uses.

Hope this video will clear your questions as to why I don’t plan to feature IQ Option in my community, and why existing Binary Lab members looking to try our working strategies on this broker may meet with major problems.

The full list of brokers which I consider to be good, which you can actually gain a free membership to The Binary Lab can be found at Several of them offer a starting trade of , and have precise trade execution and expiry time which enable you to capture the biggest movement in every candlestick.

If you have any other questions on The Binary Lab or Binary Options trading, you’re most welcome to leave a message on my FB Page, at and either me or one of my admins will help you out!

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