Google Trader – Scam Software? Surprise Results. Review by Binary Option Sheriff

Google Trader – Scam Software? Surprise Results. Review by Binary Option Sheriff

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Get Started Today : Check out Google Trader for yourselves Our favourite Signal Software : Our Blog – evidence by Option XE

Google Trader was a Bot we were prepared to shoot down fast. However we sat back and waited out a couple of weeks into its introduction in the Binary Options market so that we could watch what is happening and get some real traders feedback. Above is evidence on this. 24 hours after depositing 0 the balance was 55. Google Trader is Binary Option Sheriff APPROVED

On first checking out the video – Google Trader felt that it may hold some substance, but once we got to the point where their Beta Testers were giving their Testimonials, we felt that this may be scam since they have clearly used actors for testimonials. The Binary Option Sheriff’s strategy on this App was to wait out a few weeks and get some real feedback.

There are a few people in the Binary Option Trading World who are held in high esteem due to their constant efforts at exposing scam and it is very rare to have any of them all endorsing an automated binary option trading software.

Keith Wareing from Option XE

Keith is a killer on scammers, but for Google Trader, he was prepared to invest 0 on the 30th September as per the snapshot below. After 24 hours of trading – his account balance was 50 after just 10 trades. Video evidence of this is on his U-Tube Challenge.
Louis Harris

From Trusted Binary Reviews – may be a greasy looking guy – but his reviews are always honest and accurate. He had a little less luck with the volume of his trading but his trades were consistently IN THE MONEY. Evidence on his U-Tube Channel.
Michael Freeman

From Binary Option Watch Dog – his first review about Google Trader was a fast dismissal and branded it Scam. Today – as we are writing this review – Michael Freeman has updated his review and corrected his original verdict about Google Trader because his 20k followers were leaving comments of success that they were having with this Binary Option Software.

These three individuals are considered to be the Gurus in the Binary Option world, they have all been around since the inception of Binary Option Trading and are confident about their verdicts because they have always given HONEST REVIEWS. They would not have so many followers if their reviews were manipulated and twisted in such a way as to make New Traders fall into traps. These are the most respected bloggers in Binary Options Trading. And they are all recommending this App.


Google Trader is a fully automated Software system that is powered by Google Search Engine. It means that the App has an algorithm magic which scans news – a very interesting twist to a real life auto system – and takes trades on your account. Now this is personally not a preferred system for the Binary Option Sheriff – and it is for this reason that it took us a while to review Google Trader – however in the face of undeniable results – we could not overlook it – and now recommend it to our following Traders.

Google Trader is Binary Option Sheriff Approved as a fully automated Binary Options Software Robot. You do not require special knowledge of Trading in order to use this App and profit from it. Remember however to exercise caution on the capital you invest and never invest more than you are prepared to loose.

If you wish to have better control over your trading, remember to take a mentor such as Binary Option Sheriff, get your trading strategies in order and trade on a DEMO Account until you have a proven track record of financial gain. Binary Option trading is a legitimate form of making money online but it does carry a risk factor.

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