OptionsClick Demo – Perfect demo account to try one touch and range binary options

OptionsClick Demo – Perfect demo account to try one touch and range binary options

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Open demo account – https://bit.ly/OptionsClick-Demo

We are focusing our trade on Range binary options and One Touch binary options as they are not so popular among other brokers but could bring us high profits in particular market conditions.

As you know in today trading action it is very important to build confidence and proper strategy according to your preferred type of options. This demo account gives you the freedom to practice one touch and range options without the pressure of losing real funds.

The trading platform is powered by TechFinancials and offers four different types of trading binary options: High/Low, Range, One Touch and 60 seconds.

Traders can easily filter preferred assets in one click. You can select your favourite forex pairs, stocks, indices or commodities.

Ok, so let’s see how we actually perform on the platform.

On High/Low options your payout is up to 89% – you need to decide whether the asset’s price will be higher or lower at expiry time.

One Touch is a more advanced tool – you have to consider current asset’s price and a target price. You need to predict if the market price will Touch or Not Touch the target price anytime before expiry.

Range options are paid up to 85% – OptionsClick offers you upper and lower market prices – you need to make a decision whether your option will expiry in or out of the range.

The best time practicing range options is when the market is consolidating or in other words when the market is trading sideways. Trending markets are not recommended for this type of options.

Once you define your trading asset you can start working on the charts. By simply using support and resistance lines you can define a price range. Make sure to consider the target prices offered by OptionsClick because they are what you are interested in.

Your task is to decide whether the price will finish in or out of the range at the expiry. The time is usually set on 15 or 30 min – which should be your time frame on the chart.

For example the EUR/USD market price is 1.16139
The upper target price is 1.16263
The lower target price is 1.16001

If you decide to buy an option In the Range – the market price should stay between upper and lower target till the end of expiration.

In that case Bollinger band indicator could be also helpful for us as it shows lower band, middle band and upper band. To learn more on how to use this type of indicator you can check our strategies page.

Once you buy an option it will appear in Open Trades. OptionsClick gives you the possibility to close the deal even before expiry. You need to follow close what could happen on the market and react quickly in order to minimize your risk.

In Range binary options it is important to work on the trading platform and charts simultaneously – so we advise you using OptionsClick demo to improve that part in your trading.

After each session you can check your trades history and statistics that will help you in following your progress. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe for our channel!

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