How to trade one touch binary options

How to trade one touch binary options

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Learn how to trade One Touch binary options in this short video tutorial.

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With one touch options, your asset’s price has to touch a top or bottom goal rate at some point during the trading week. If you predict correctly, you will receive a very attractive payout for your investment – up to 400%!
Are you expecting a big price movement on a particular asset?
Would you like to earn up to 400 percent returns on a single trade?
Do you want multiple opportunities to hit a fixed goal rate throughout the week?
Introducing one touch binary options trading from MobOption.
Opening a one touch option is simple.
Choose an asset from the dropdown menu.
Enter an investment amount. This is calculated in units, with one unit being 50 pounds, dollars or euros, depending on your MobOption trading account currency.
Review your potential returns. With one touch investments, MobOption clients enjoy the biggest payouts in the industry, with returns of up to 400 percent on all successful trades, meaning a €100 trade could return €500 in less than a week.
Review your option’s goal rate, expiry time, and price direction and choose a call option.
Approve your trade and wait until the close of the trading week in London for your One Touch binary option to expire.
Welcome to the exciting world of one touch binary options. Welcome to MobOption.

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