Weed Stocks 2016 – Should You Invest? My Thoughts

Weed Stocks 2016 – Should You Invest? My Thoughts

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Lately I’ve been getting some questions from people regarding weed stocks. I also notice on the investing forums on Reddit and elsewhere weed stocks are all the rage.

IMHO weed stocks are a poor investment. I do think the industry is a huge money maker and has a bright future but just because an industry is good doesn’t mean a particular individual company or stock is.

These are high risk high reward stocks, but most people will probably wind up losing. I feel like many of these companies are pump and dump schemes.

There’s really only one “weed stock” that interests me in the slightest and it’s an REIT called ACAN which I guess leases space to weed businesses who are known to have a hard time finding space to rent from landlords as landlords don’t want to deal with them.

I hear some people recommending Miracle Grow stock. Any respectable grower would never touch miracle grow with a 10 foot pole so it’s not really a good weed stock IMHO, also it’s already peaked again IMHO. Miracle Grow is buying up comapnies like General Hydroponics and others but I still don’t see them being a big player in the weed business.

Honestly if you wanna go long on weed I would suggest investing in big tobacco companies, I feel like if/when weed becomes legal federally they will be the big players.

What are your thoughts? Have you made any money on weed stocks? What are some of your favorites? Do you agree or disagree with my assessment? Drop a comment below.

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