Top Industries to Buy Now – This Year’s Best Profits

Top Industries to Buy Now – This Year’s Best Profits

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I’m going to explain which industry groups my team and I believe are going to outperform in the coming year.

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So, we have a new President, a new economy, and new sets of rules about what matters with investing and what does not.

Let’s get right into it. My team and I have conducted a great deal of analysis to come up with our opinions about what could potentially be the winning industry groups for the coming year.

Marijuana Stocks – I wanted to address this industry first, since pot and marijuana stocks have been very hot lately. Everyone is talking about them, which is typically a major warning sign.

Now, this particular group would have done much better under a Democratic leadership, simply due to the policies and outlook of the Democrats, compared to those of the republicans.

However, any way you slice it, the entire complex has become excessively overvalued.

It is important to watch my comments about what is about to happen to the entire marijuana industry, which I explain in the related video.

Oil pipelines – The Republicans in general, and Donald Trump specifically, have a great deal of focus on developing American energy supplies.

This includes pipeline projects, off-shore drilling, and incentives for domestic suppliers. You will see the oil production and exploration corporations, and even indirect oil services businesses, benefitting from the new administration.

In fact, one of the most recent penny stock picks we have made for Peter Leeds dot Com subscribers is heavily, although indirectly, tied to oil prices.

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