These Nuns Are Part of A Growing Group of Marijuana Millionaires

These Nuns Are Part of A Growing Group of Marijuana Millionaires

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Sisters Margaret Mary and Bethany are not your typical nuns.

They’re rich, wild, controversial and they don’t care what you think about them.

On any given day, if you were to visit their “abbey” in central California, there’s a good chance you’d see them tossing a “mysterious ingredient” into a boiling pot.

What makes this so intriguing is that this ingredient is straight from the bible.

It’s not Mir or frankincense.

It’s something much more taboo.

The nuns have been concocting a holy elixir they believe can cure a long line of conditions.

From cancer and arthritis, to hangovers and even diaper rash.

And apparently many agree with them, because the Sisters have been selling up to ,000 a month of it.

Interestingly enough, they aren’t the only ones transforming this religious ingredient into a lucrative business venture.

Meanwhile, across the country…

Washington D.C.’s biggest legal weed dealer is Rabbi Jeffrey Kurtz.

He operates a dispensary just six miles from the White House.

The Rabbi got into the pot business after watching his father-in-law use it to alleviate the pain he felt from multiple sclerosis.

He’s not worried about what his peers say, because the Orthodox Union has officially classified pharmaceutical-grade marijuana as “kosher” in the United States.

Think about this…

A single plant can produce anywhere from ,000 to ,000 or more worth of marijuana.

So while money may not grow on trees…

When you’re talking about weed, piles of cash are bursting out of the ground.

But you don’t have to be a holy roller to make big bank from those who like to roll big joints.

You could become the next marijuana millionaire from the stock market.
During the most recent run of states passing legislation to legalize weed… No fewer than 44 marijuana stocks have shot up over 1,000%…11 of them have surged past 10,000%…5 have exploded over 25,000%…3 Have Soared Over 50,000%!

And, on November 8th, as many as 20 states are set to vote on legalizing marijuana for medical, recreational use… or both!

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