The Open Road: 5 Business Deliveries (GTA Online)

The Open Road: 5 Business Deliveries (GTA Online)

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Doing small deliveries for the five Biker’s Business (coke, counterfeit money, meth, forged documents and weed) after restarting them to clear up all remaining stocks for a “planned move” to #PaletoBay. Unfortunately as of this time that plan has been shelved as it estimated to cost me over ,000,000 just to relocate all businesses there.

This video just shows how the small to medium deliveries went. The coke/counterfeit money/weed stocks have the unlimited supply bug, which help made me decide to keep them all as it is. However it’s dreadful to thing that I’d have to shell out ,000 worth of maintenance costs to keep all five businesses running simultaineously.

★ 00:10 F.I.B. STING (Cocaine – ,000 | small delivery)
Take the #WesternBagger with the supplies to the #ThompsonScrapyard (CatClawAvenue) for the supposed drop-off which is actually a F.I.B. buy-bust operation. Survive the sting and redeliver the product to an location on #EastJoshuaRoad.

★ 07:40 DINGHY DROP-OFF (Counterfeit Money – ,900 | small delivery)
Deliver the fake moolah to 5 drop-off points off-shore in #Chumash to #NorthChumash within the time limit. Deliveries are pretty much straight-forward but a bit tricky with sand banks potentially trapping your run.

★ 13:45 TRUCK LOAD-IN (Crystal Meth – ,250 | small delivery)
Taking the Western Bagger to a delivery truck waiting at the construction site on #PowerStreet in #Vinewood. Just a simple Point A to Point B drop off.

★ 17:40 COURIER SERVICE (Forged Documents – ,000 | medium delivery)
Surprisingly quick to process, the forging office have produced fake driver’s licenses at a much faster rate compared to the other businesses. The delivery ended up being medium in quantity, but pays substantially less than the others. It’s a door-to-door courier service to 12 locations, but fortunately all are required to be done in just one trip. The time to deliver may seem a bit tight but with proper planning it’s actually more than you’ll actually need. This is my first time ever in doing this and I find it a bit of fun being the Fed-Ex man for once. The last delivery though needs to have a razor delivered to her, for obvious reasons.

★ 29:15 TRASH DROP-OFF (Weed – ,300 | medium delivery)
Another disappointing low profit delivery like the forged documents, tough like it the production process is a bit quicker compared to the higher-paying ones. A double trash-truck drop-off is required and if not planned properly your allotted time to finish it off won’t be enough. Fortunately for me I know the map pretty well and I do not really need to follow the GPS to the dot, and create detours of my own.

★ 45:40 HIPPY DELIVERY (Weed – ,250 | small delivery)
A surplus delivery from one of the quickest production lines in the Biker’s business along with the forged documents office. Unfortunately the surplus delivery for the documents ended in disaster (interested see here: *upload to follow) having used the #PegassiOppressor to deliver the goods. This looks like a simple and straightforward delivery until you try doing it with a cannabis-smoking passenger and everything turns shitty.

VERDICT: Pocketing just a little over 0,000 for these deliveries – put into consideration the REAL time spent in doing them and the maintenance expenses, it’s NOT worth it. You’re better off doing five (top range) vehicle cargo deliveries than these MC Biker’s Businesses.

There you have it folks. Hopefully the next episode of #BikerBusiness deliveries would be from Paleto Bay!

✫ Interested to see a more in-depth MC Business tour?

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