The Hottest Marijuana Stocks of 2016

The Hottest Marijuana Stocks of 2016

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How to Start The Week Off

Use Macro Report / Market Overview
– Gold Reports
– Spy Reports
– News Catalysts (Fed Meetings ETC)
– Global Indices
– Determine Overall market Sentiment
– Constantly keep tabs on possible changes

– Narrowing our focus down, we don’t want stocks without volatility / a certain direction. With our watchlist we can identify potential stocks that fit our standard

– Focus on price points, but do NOT follow them number for number. If these could be followed number for number, I’d be psychic – they’re simply guidelines to mark out how the trade should be done.

– New Stocks Alerted
As new stocks arrive on my scanners (hundreds at a time) – it’s my job to narrow the focus down to the few that I believe have potential to run throughout the day, or within the short term. When I develop more confidence, I alert and enter the trade my self with my own price targets, and stop losses/mental stop losses

– Voice Channels
I’ll be in and out of the voice channels for my trades, and providing insights for other people who are in trades (simply providing opinions). This will allow us to save time when delivering an alert from one end to another.

– Review
At the end of each trading day we’ll review our best plays, and our losses. Going over your losses is crucical as it helps you identify potential losing scenarios in the future.

– Repeat / Grow

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