The Best Stocks To Buy & Trade Today | 16 Jun 2017

The Best Stocks To Buy & Trade Today | 16 Jun 2017

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Learn how to find the best stocks to buy & trade today | 16 Jun 2017

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That’s right, less than 5% of you will actually take back control of Your Financial Freedom – It may be closer 0.3%

This means that 99.7% of you reading this will continue to do nothing and continue to wish things were better

Take Control – Take Action

Taking control of your investing decisions is THE single biggest way you can start to control your financial freedom & your finances in general

The so called professionals do not have you best interest in hand and the fat cats just get fatter – as we have seen many times in recent years

The person that has a 100% vested interest in your financial success is … yup – its YOU!

It has never been easier to take action & gain control of you financial freedom & financial success

…and the good news is that you do not have to spend hours and hours pouring over financial statements or divining inspiration from charts

I show all my students how to find and select potential stocks to actively invest in with up to 78% success – in under 20-mins
(Free access inside the group)

You can be done and dusted in with the whole process in under 30-60-mins every day or every other day and then be about living your life and enjoying the fruits of your labour
(Im in the UK so that is spelt right for me lol)

I certainly like to be enjoying a good book or a coffee somewhere interesting or usually both

Q – What about you?
Maybe you currently have other full time commitments so you need something you can do around those other things – and my students tell me this is a perfect stress free way to actively invest

The point is that regardless of what those commitments are you can Actively Invest around your life

Inside The Active Investing FB™ Group – there is a detailed step-by-step guide to getting started in Active Investing and every day I let you know what Im looking at well ahead of the market opening…

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…81.2% Successful Stock Of Stock Selections were closed Profitable In March – using this precise step-by-step method which you will gain access to on joining

Q – Why do I do this?
Firstly, when I started out 22+ years ago there was no one for me to ask or somewhere to go to seek help.

I had to make all the mistakes and fall down every virtual pot hole and figure things out “on the fly”

When I went full time at this is was because I had to.

Yup – Had To.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and was made unemployed effectively overnight

Oh, and I was mostly house bound for the next couple of years

I had to make the online investing thing work – and make it work by the end of the month to keep the lights on

Many years later I did ok because I learned from those mistakes really fast

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did neither do I want you to take the same amount of time I did
(…I also enjoy helping great people like you)

So, thats my why

What is stopping you…?

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Learn how we found these stocks

I’ll see you on the inside

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