THCentral News: THCommerce (cannabis stocks)

THCentral News: THCommerce (cannabis stocks)

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Mr. Ali gives patients three tips for investing in Canadian Cannabis Stocks.

Welcome to th central news i am your
host Justin Trudope of the prime
minister of cannabis time to get
educated this next segment brought to
you by th Commerce let’s go to our
business analyst mr. Ali for your weekly
tip I’ll be here stronger at TH central
bringing you the business tip in a week
stocks there are three easy steps for
you to get started today one go to your
bank open a tfsa in direct investment
account your bank will know exactly what
to do to make sure you do your research
into any company before investing into
them three here are two companies for
you to get started today one of them is
canopy growth corporations formerly
known as tweets stock ticker cgc the
other ones and supreme pharmaceuticals
stock ticker SL on behalf of th Commerce
we wish you happy trading back to you to
know thank you Miss rally for all of us
at th Central may your stocks grow as
large as your plans I’m Justin Trudope
signing on

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