Storyhive Pitch – Green Collar Industry

Storyhive Pitch – Green Collar Industry

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Here is my pitch video for the Storyhive 100k edition. The project is title “Green Collar Industry” and it will focus on Canada’s upcoming legalization of Marijuana and its effects on the Canadian Economy.

Green Collar Industry is a docu-series focusing on the impending legalization of marijuana in Canada and the trickle-down effect it will have in the world of business throughout the Canadian economic landscape. From local businesses, agriculture, energy and especially the global stock market, legalization will no doubt have an impact on Canada’s Economy. The series will focus on licensed producers, the ever-growing stock market boom, allocation of tax dollars and even look into how Canadian banks will play an integral role moving into the United States and be a possible offshore banking option for States that have adopted legalization such as Colorado.

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