Snoop Dogg Pounds Bong Review – Snoop Dogg Pounds Mothership Bong

Snoop Dogg Pounds Bong Review – Snoop Dogg Pounds Mothership Bong

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Out of this world is the best way to describe the Mothership from Snoop Dogg’s Pounds line. Snoop Dogg is one of the most famous and passionate smokers currently in the celebrity scene and he has finally released his own highly anticipated line of glass with the Snoop Dogg Pounds line.

The Mothership bong features a fixed, reinforced downstem with a female 14.5mm joint, an inline percolator and a slitted UFO percolator. It comes delivered complete with a male 14.5mm male herb bowl with handle for added safety and easy lifting. The Mothership measures 34.5 cm / 13.5 inches in height and is constructed from 5mm thick, high-quality heat resistant borosilicate glass. The piece stands on a circular foot made from extra thick clear glass that provides amazing stability.

The smoke gets filtered and separated as its pulled through the multiple submerged holes in the inline percolator. The filtered smoke then continues up and through the UFO percolator for further filtration and cooling before exiting through the mouthpiece. This process results in a smoother cooler hit that’s still packed with flavor but feels less harsh on the throat and lungs.

The Mothership has a thick, rimmed mouthpiece that feels extremely comfortable to use even for longer smoke sessions. White glass accents can be seen on the rim of the mouthpiece, on the reinforced joint, on the UFO percolator and on the handle of the herb bowl. A matching white decal is placed on the Motherships body along with a beautiful decorative white glass marble.

This awesome straight percolator bong delivers incredible filtration and cooling of your hits and will stand the test of time if looked after correctly. The complete Snoop Dogg Pounds glass line of bongs and bubblers is available to order today, while stocks lasts, at the number one online headshop

Filmed on location in Oregon

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