Nutjob California – Marijuana Legalization

Nutjob California – Marijuana Legalization

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17 new California laws that will affect you in 2017

The bill breakdown
898 the governor signed into law
159 the governor vetoed
2 become law without signing them.

Assault weapons: The new gun-control regulations broaden the definition of illegal assault weapons, require background checks for the first time for ammunition purchases and limit the lending of guns to family members. California bars purchasing, semi-automatic, centerfire rifles or semi-automatic pistols that lack a fixed magazine and have one of a number of features that include a protruding pistol grip or a folding or telescoping stock. If you already own one of these weapons you’ll have to register it.

Gender-neutral bathrooms: While North Carolina waged a proxy war in its restrooms over gender identity, California quietly went in the opposite direction. Assembly Bill 1732 requires all single-toilet bathrooms in businesses and public agencies to be gender neutral.

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What California’s new gun laws mean for hunters, target shooters

Being a California gun owner just got more complicated.

Bolstering a body of firearms laws already considered among the nation’s strongest, Gov. Jerry Brown last week signed a half-dozen bills to regulate ammunition sales, ban large-capacity clips and quick-reloading devices and clamp down on lending weapons, among other things.

Some hunters and shooters have reacted with a mix of dismay and confusion, wondering what they will have to do to remain law-abiding citizens and asking if they will need to change their habits.

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Marijuana legalization support at all-time high

A recent CBS News poll shows support for legalizing marijuana is higher than ever.

Sixty-one percent of Americans think marijuana use should be legal, a five-point increase from last year and the highest percentage ever recorded in this poll. Eighty-eight percent favor medical marijuana use.

Seventy-one percent oppose the federal government’s efforts to stop marijuana sales and its use in states that have legalized it, including opposition from most Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

What Canada Marijuana Legalization Means for Investors in 2017

Canada marijuana legalization is the next big growth catalyst for marijuana stocks. That’s because only 13% of the .7 billion in marijuana sales in North America in 2016 were from Canada.

But that will change in 2017…

As part of his 2015 campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised marijuana reform in Canada. That’s because the majority of Canadians want recreational marijuana use legalized.

In a poll conducted during the summer of 2016, 69% of participants either supported or somewhat supported legalized recreational marijuana.

Only 26% were opposed or somewhat opposed.

What Canada Marijuana Legalization Means for Investors in 2017  

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