Mom and Pop Producers to Benefit from Cannabis Market | Cheddar

Mom and Pop Producers to Benefit from Cannabis Market | Cheddar

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The legalization of marijuana in CA brings about concerns of major corporate interests coming into the cannabis space. High Times’ Danny Danko says not to worry – mom and pop producers should benefit.» Subscribe to CHEDDAR:

Danny Danko has written numerous articles on the subject of marijuana gardening both outdoor and indoor. Danko is the writer of Top Ten Strains of the Year every year since 2005 and also the creator and founder of the HIGH TIMES Seed Bank Hall of Fame. He is also credited with a highly popular instructional video on how to roll a joint.

Other notable grow articles by Danny Danko include Jungle in the Bronx, The Greatest Marijuana Gardens of All Time,Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pot Growers, The History of Hydroponics, Organics for Beginners, Illinois Grow Revolution,Rip City Mega-Grow!,Cloning for Dollars, The Story of Kush, The Haze Craze, 25 Years of Chem Dog and The Top Ten 10 Strains of 2016.

Danny has appeared on NPR, New York Times, Vice, CNBC multiple times, CNBC debate, Slate, NY Daily News, Bloomberg News, UpRoxx, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Detroit Metro Times, The Daily Beast, Alternet,The Nation and Washington Post. Danny has also appeared as a guest on The Combat Jack Show Podcast,

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