Legalizing Marijuana with the Hon. Anne McLellan

Legalizing Marijuana with the Hon. Anne McLellan

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Hon. Anne McLellan
Legalizing Marijuana

This week’s Conversation That Matters features the Hon. Anne McLellan who lead the task force on legalizing marijuana in Canada. She says, “it’s a bold move” because Canada becomes the first G-20 country to make pot legal. In doing so we contravene three United Nations treaties that control or prohibit access to drugs like marijuana.

There are risks and rewards. On the upside we will set the standard internationally, we could become the supplier of choice to a growing international medical market and the government can collect tax. McLellan says, “it’s also about safety, right now there are no safeguards, no standards and no inspectors.” She goes on to point out prohibition hasn’t worked for marijuana the same way it didn’t work for alcohol.

On the downside, the US, China, India and other nations could restrict trade and the movement of Canadians within their countries.

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