LED Gorilla Glue Grow Day 21

LED Gorilla Glue Grow Day 21

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18+ LED Gorilla Glue Grow Day 21. Top Shelf Grower takes you into the cannabis grow tent at day 21 of the LED Gorilla Glue grow. This week the focus is on feeding marijuana in the early stage of vegetative growth and making sure the canopy is the right distance from the LED.

All five plants (3 Gorilla Glue by Zamnesia Seeds, 1 Kaboom and 1 Mataro Blue by Kannabia) are looking healthy and progressing nicely. I am watering by hand a light dose of nutes. Half strength A & B Connoisseur base nutrients plus Sensizym, Ancient Earth, Rhino Skin, and Voodoo Juice as supplements. Covering all the essential cannabis macro and micro nutrients.

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