Hash Church CXLVII 147

Hash Church CXLVII 147

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Today’s panelists

Dr. Natasha Ryz [email protected]; Cofounder Ryz Rémi Skincare & Therapeutics.
Hilary Black [email protected]; Founder of BC Compassion Club, Director of Patient Education & Advocacy at Canopy Growth.
Dr. Marcia Gillman, MD [email protected] Palliative Care physician, Associate Medical Director at Santé Cannabis.
Sarah Russo [email protected] Creative Director at Project CBD
Selena Wong [email protected] Cofounder Flower of Life Compassion Club.
Wendy Turner [email protected] Wendy is Coltyn Turner’s mother. Coltyn has used cannabis to keep his Crohn’s disease in remission since he was 13 years old.
Anndrea Hermann [email protected] Owner The Ridge Cannabis Consulting, Board Member of the Hemp Industries Association and Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance.
Rosy Mondin [email protected] Lawyer, CEO Quadron Capital, Executive Director of Cannabis Trade Alliance.
Nishi Whiteley (pronounced Nee-sha) [email protected] Medical cannabis speaker, educator and author of “Chronic Relief: A Guide to Cannabis for the Terminally and Chronically Ill”
Natasha Raey [email protected] Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Cofounder SheTalks Global.
Amanda Siebert [email protected] is the cannabis writer and photographer/multimedia producer at the Georgia Straight in Vancouver.
Erin Prosk [email protected] Founder of Santé Cannabis
Dr. Amanda Reiman, PhD [email protected] Researcher at UC Berkeley studying cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and opioids, and other drugs.
Dr. Adie Poe, PhD [email protected] Neuroscientist studying cannabis as a replacement for opioid addiction.
Jenna Valleriani [email protected] PhD candidate at the University of Toronto studying cannabis policy in Canada.

Join us for another Episode of Hash Church.. or is it just ANOTHER EPISODE OF HASH CHURCH… you will see tomorrow…. you will SEE 🙂

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