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AEV Finance: This video will show which five upcoming Initial Public Offerings also known as “IPO’s” to buy in 2017. For today, I will be talking about the five must have IPO’s which may increase in price over longer term.

Also today marks the 20th anniversary for amazon. The importance of IPO, if you would of invested into amazon 20 years ago at IPO of .95, 00 WOULD OF MADE YOU OVER MILLION today in 2017!

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As far as the five companies here they are:

5) Spotify
Description: Online music streaming platform with
millions of songs in their database

Valuation: Billion USD

4) Lyft
Description: Taxi/car service which allows
you to find a driver in your local area

Valuation: .9Billion USD

3) Palantir Technologies
Description: American software/service provider
that specializes in data analysis

Valuation: Billion USD

2) airbnb
Description: Online marketplacen service,
allowing people to lease or rent their property.

Valuation: Billion USD

Description: Transportation network/service
which allows you to find a cab in your local area

Valuation: Billion USD

1) Question: I really still don’t understand what
you mean by “selling stocks”?

Answer: Selling a stock is when you
sell a share that you personally own, of a company
to another person. In other words, transfer
ownership to another individual.

2) Question: What are you investing
your money into?

Answer: Energy stocks & Banks

3) Question: Who buys stocks?

Answer: Anyone who has access to the market
can buy stocks, probably hard to believe but
there are a lot of people that trade daily.

4) Question: Where do you buy stocks?

Answer: Either broker or bank..

5) Question: How do I sell stocks?

Answer: Same broker as you
purchase stocks with.

6) Question: Why do people buy stocks?

Answer: Return investments & profits
or hold ownership in a company

7) Question: How many stocks are
there per company?

Answer: Volume of stocks depends on
the company. More info on yahoo finance

8) Question: Investing in Marijuana companies
is a good idea?

Answer: Depends on the country and
its law/regulations. May be too late.

9) Question: What happens if a
company goes bankrupt?

Answer: Public companies sometimes go
bankrupt, sometimes shareholders can get
some money from liquid assets. But the
stock ends up being 0 or 1 cent.

10) Question: How fast can you sell a stock?

Answer: Pretty much right away, depends
on what people are asking for it.

11) Question: How much money do you think
one should have before you start
investing in the stock market?

Answer: Start with ,000

12) Question: Lets say I buy a stock through
Coca Cola and its value increases, and I choose sell.
Why would anyone buy my stock ?

Answer: People share same interests,
if company is doing good, people invest.

13) Question: Where would i find the charts for
the stocks i would want to invest in?

Answer: Yahoo finance, Google finance or more..

14) Question: What if you don’t have a lot
of money to invest with?

Answer: Don’t take loans, save up.

15) Question: Can you recommend me a brokerage
firm, what should i use?

Answer: I use a bank to trade stocks

16) Question: Can you get all international stocks…
my bank, can’t get some stocks…..?

Answer: Many cases, there are a lot
of restrictions. Ask your broker.

17) Question: Is amazon a good stock?

Answer: Stable but may not be worth
of investing in future.

18) Question: Annual investing vs Monthly investing?

Answer: I prefer monthly investing.

19) Question: What is a stock market
and what is the forex market?

Answer: Stock market: trading shares,
Forex is trading currency.

20) Question: Good idea to invest in
apple right now?

Answer: It’s a safe company,
but there are other companies
to consider.

21) Question: I live in Russia, can i buy
stock from America like you guys?

Answer: If your broker allows you,
check your government regulations.

22) Question: Can a stock divide?

Answer: Stocks can divide, if
price is too high, companies may
consider it.

23) Question: Does it matter what
trading platform you use?

Answer: Ref to my previous vid
for details

24) Question: Do you get charged an amount
every time you trade?

Answer: Most likely you will
be charged. Different ways they
can take money out of your

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