First look Australia’s medicinal marijuana cannabis crop

First look Australia’s medicinal marijuana cannabis crop

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Grown in secret greenhouses, harvested and dried before it’s turned to oil: First look at how Australia’s medicinal cannabis products are made.
Footage of how Victoria’s medicinal marijuana is harvested, pruned and turned into oil has emerged.

In a video posted online by the state’s Premier Daniel Andrews, forensic testers can be seen planting and tending to hundreds of cannabis plants – the country’s first approved crop.

Victoria became the first state in Australia to legalize marijuana use to help treat chronic illnesses.

As of this year, children with severe epilepsy will have access to it.

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The state government spent close to million in March to transport marijuana from Canada to treat 29 children suffering from the debilitating ailment, according to 9News.

‘This treatment is going to change so many lives,’ Mr Andrews wrote on Facebook.

The crop contains more than 150 plants and will be run by the Cann group.

The cannabis plants are grown and harvested in a secret location.

THC – the main constituent of cannabis – will be produced in oil, capsule and vapour form, 9News reported.

It will also be made into a spray form so it’s easy to use for children.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy said the government will now evaluate which adults could be eligible for treatment.

Additional medicinal crops have since been approved in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia.

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