Cincinnati expected to approve cultivation, processing of medical marijuana

Cincinnati expected to approve cultivation, processing of medical marijuana

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – The grass may be greener, or at least more lucrative, in Cincinnati than in some of the suburbs.

Cincinnati city council is poised to approve cultivation and processing of medical marijuana within city limits.

The bottom line is, well, the bottom line.

City officials believe “medical pot” can be a “pot of gold.”

The Ohio legislature approved a tightly restrictive medical marijuana law. No smoking. Just vaporizing, oils, creams, and so on.

Medicinal pot will not be available for patients until September, 2018, but the grow facilities have to go somewhere before then and there will only be 24 grow sites statewide.

So, city council’s law committee on Tuesday recommended allowing growth and cultivation in areas zoned for manufacturing.

That’s primarily along the Mill Creek corridor with other sites along the Ohio River on the West Side, and several other areas.

“My personal belief is in certain cases medical marijuana can be a very helpful thing. chronic pain, we’ve seen in our committee the heroin epidemic and over-prescription of opioids which led to that epidemic. this is a much less intrusive, much less dangerous way of alleviating some of these chronic pain situations,” said City Councilmember Kevin Flynn.

Full city council is expected to vote “yes” on Wednesday.

Remember, this just makes it possible for marijuana cultivation and grow sites in the city.

The State of Ohio has final say on where they actually do go.

The state also has to put out rules on marijuana dispensaries and the retail outlets.

More than half a dozen suburbs have banned medical marijuana businesses including Evendale, Montgomery, and Madeira.

Others have moratoriums in place.

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