Big Live Sunday Nite Smoke Show #117

Big Live Sunday Nite Smoke Show #117

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Big Live Sunday Nite Smoke Show #117
On This Weeks Show…
– Weekly Drug Victims Memorial Candle
– Weekly Dispensary Busts (1)
– Fill out the BC legalization Survey – the link is in the description below
– Alberta Provincial cannabis plan coming Monday
– Cannabis Culture seeks to intervene in Supreme Court case of NB man who exceeded liquor importation limits
– Large scale marijuana producer releases free grow your own guide for dummies
– Aurora posted less than million in revenue yet, the company is valued at more than billion on the stock market
– Toronto takes on Canna Clinic marijuana dispensary in court battle with a lot on the line
– Ottawa Police chief asks for more help to close marijuana dispensaries
– Injunction, BC Supreme Court orders Langford marijuana dispensary to close permanently and 00 in fines
– Why the Health Committee never wanted to talk to any young people
– Privacy concerns raised about Saskachewan online cannabis survey
– Quebec to set legal marijuana consumption age at 18
– Pot legalization plan on agenda for Trudeau’s meeting with premiers next week
– Another member of the legalization task force working with in the legal regime
– Police want provincial money for pot shop enforcement
– Police prep for pot despite no screening device no training no law
-Kathleen Wynne meets with the mayors across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Tuesday to discuss issues around marijuana
– Sarnia mayor urges federal government to expunge crime records for simple possession
– Snoop Dogg invests in Toronto seed to sale marijuana tracking software
– Cannabis Legalization and Hugh Hefner – R.I.P

Also on every live show…
– Interactive Chat Room with the most coolest cannabis peeps
– Upcoming Protests, Events, and Rallys
– 4:20 Flos – 7:10 Dabs – Thee Cannabis Dice
– Weekly Cannabis Pics
– A Whole Lot Of Smokey Fun

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Thompson Caribou Concentrates

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The BC Legalization Survey




BILL S-230 Drug-Impaired Driving Detection Act
An Act to amend the Criminal Code (drug-impaired driving)

Ontario Pot Plan Unveiled Full Video

Health Canada’s Approved Sprays By Freddie Pritchard

An Open Letter On Health Canada’s Approved Sprays

Health Cannada Approved Sprays, Inert/Other Ingredients, Labels

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Live Show Every Sunday Afternoon at 4Pm West Coast Time
Free The Weed

Please Like, and Subscribe
Live Show Every Sunday Afternoon at 4Pm West Coast Time
Free The Weed

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